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Saturday, January 12

postheadericon Bloggin' about 3D Nail Dress, Influenster & Kiss® Products

Well, if you have read my blog before you know I like to randomly blog about nail art. My daughter and I both are nail art enthusiasts. We like to go outside the box when it comes to nails. Well, I posted about Influenster being the best freebie place I have found. I received these Kiss®
 3D Nail Dress stickers in my Holiday VoxBox. I have used them and I really like them! I have tried a few other brands in the past and have never liked the nail stickers. I got a pack from Rue21 and they didn't last 30 minutes. I have also tried Claire's brand and they just peeled right off and only 10 nails fit out of like 30. It was a waste of money in my opinion. So I was thrilled to try these for free from Influenster. I will definitely buy them now. I did my nails twice with the pack I received and both times it was fast and looked awesome! Usually when we do our nails with designs it takes at least an hour or more (because we are not professional nail artists...just nail obsessed  lol!).
*There are a few tricks to make these work and last longer. First, you need to clean your nails really good with a nail brush. Then, file your nails so they are a little rough. I used a salon block file. Then measure the stickers and apply. I filed them off the first time. It created a jagged edge which irritated me a little, but not enough to not want to buy them again. I eventually just played with them and smoothed them out with my finger tips. My second application I cut them to length after I applied them. Then, I smoothed, folded, and filed them with the pink (smooth) part of the file that comes with the pack and had better results. Last, I applied a thick, clear top coat and let it dry completely. My first application lasted 10 days and I decided to change my look. So they were durable. I did my everyday chores without them peeling or falling off. I was pretty impressed. I am wearing my second application now. I wish more sizes came with the package though. I had to customize more than half for my second application on my fingers. I think the pack comes with 10 for fingers, 10 for toes, and a few extras for mess ups.
I took a few pictures of my free Kiss®
 3D Nail Dress manicure

Courtesy of Influenster -

Getting Started on my second application


I also received some other Kiss® products for Christmas! I LOVE Kiss®
 because their products are affordable and they are good quality. My step-mom gave me this awesome french manicure kit. I love the nail art pen. I did the french manicure on my toes. I have a picture below. My next project is going to be pink zebra print with the pen. I am also loving the rubber stencil that come with it. The only downfall is I have to learn how to use the stencil. I am used to using Kiss®
 french manicure nail sticker stencils. So far, I like the stickers better. But I have to learn how to use the rubber stencil.

Kiss® French Manicure Pack

My French Manicure 

My daughter and I both received these Kiss® nail stickers. They are really cool! I love the flowers the best. However, it is a good assortment of designs to choose from in one package. We have both tried these and love them. They stick really good. We both use a clear coat over them. Mine lasted for a week. I decided to change colors before they chipped off. The only thing I can complain about is that they stick really well, so make sure you know where you want them to go before you stick it!

Here are a few more pictures:
My Kiss® Nail Stickers

My other Kiss® Nail Products

I also got a nail dryer and a new Revlon® nail art pen. I am excited to use my nail art pen. I will share results here so stay tuned! Have you used any if these products before? Do you know tricks? DO you have a nail art blog or youtube page? If so, tell me about it? If you are into nail art or know of a blog about nail art, please leave me a comment. I would love to see your nail art too!! Pinterest is an awesome place but blogspot is better b/c we can write about it! We use youtube for how to's and learn alot! Here are some more pictures of my nail obsession!! I have also included our favorite manicures that I have blogged about in the past. Now share yours with me!

Here are some more pictures!
My new Revlon® Nail art pen

My Nail box (which needs cleaning!!)

Pac-Man manicure

Penguin manicure

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